DIY Succulent Table With Wooden Base

Do you want to bring nature inside of your home where you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of a natural setting from your couch? You can easily create this scenario by building a succulent table. The project will consist of a wooden based table with a planter running down the centre. Within the planter you can add your stones and minerals to create a unique, natural look. Minerals Marketing offer a great selection of minerals for your project requirement. For home owners with a green thumb you can add a non-absorbent base such as recycled glass media and water filtration media, water and plants to start practicing your hydroponics skills. Although it may take you a few tries to find the right indoor plants to suit your taste, the effort you put into it will surely be worth it.

Supplies You Will Need For Your Succulent Table

  • Oak Wood
  • Stones and Minerals of Your Choice
  • Indoor Plants
  • Screws (length depends on the thickness of your oak wood)
  • Drill
  • Table Saw

The outcome of your succulent table depends on the design table you have picked out for your project. Although the original project is to create an indoor table for your home, you can also create a table for your patio that holds outdoor plants. Once your table is finished, the upkeep is rather simple. Despite the obvious task of watering your plants within the table, be sure to keep the planter clear of any insects or trash that may have landed next to your plants. This will help you keep your plants healthy. Adding silica sand can help with drainage. During the winter months be sure either remove the plants from the table and place them in a green house or remove them and replace them in the spring with a new plant of your choice.