DIY Stone Welcome Bath Mat

Have you ever noticed how high the price is of items that you could simply make on your own if you could just find the time to do it. Well what if I told you that instead of spending 30-40 dollars of a luxurious stone bath mat, that you could simply make it yourself in under 20 minutes. Amazing right? The great thing about this project is that you can make them for gifts, sell them for extra income, or use it as time to do arts and crafts with your children during their vacation. It is surely a beneficial project no matter what your intentions are. To start you stone bath mat project you will need the following items:

Rubber Welcome Mat (Be sure to avoid mats with raised lettering. This will make the river stones set unevenly.

Contact Adhesive (Glue guns, gorilla glue, ext. Basically anything that will stick.)

Two Bags of River Stones (Or round stones found around your home. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly.)

After you have gathered all of your supplies for the stone bath mat, the rest is simple. Start by taking your contact adhesive and spreading it on a small area of the mat. Once the adhesive is on, you can start placing the river stones where ever you desire. After the entire mat is covered with your stones, you can than place it some where safe until it fully dries. Usually 2-3 hours. If you have taken on this project with your children, you can even add paint to the stones after the adhesive has dried. Some great ideas for painting your stone bath mat is creating faces on the stones or insects such as lady bugs and butterflies. This is a sure way to keep your children occupied and happy.