Creating Raised Flower Beds

Pops of colour can add a great deal of curb appeal if they are done just right, and many homeowners today have found them an easily maintained form of art. Plants in these beds can be organised efficiently, and they can be chosen to provide bits of colour during most of the year. Easy to build, they have become a good do-it-yourself project for people with a few extra hours on the weekend. Creating raised flower beds might not appear to add much value to a house, but they can make it look maintained whenever it is viewed from the street.

Any raised gardening project starts with choosing a good area. If flowers that love the sun are to be grown, finding the part of the yard that receives the most sun is often important. Choosing the materials can add value to the home, so they must be the right ones. Gardening stones are often used because they are created to stack well, and they can provide a finished look to the bed when it is completed.

Small stones can be put in the bottom of the bed after the walls have been built, and it will provide additional drainage if needed. Some people prefer to also add a cloth backing that will keep weeds or grass from growing. Potting soil is generally the next ingredient, and it will fill the remaining area up to the top. Once enough soil has been added, the plants can begin going in.

Maintaining a new flower bed often means watering, and it should be done early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Doing it during these times will prevent the sun from burning the plants, so it is important to make sure they are not watered during the middle of the day. As they grow, their greenery will enhance the area, and then the blooms will take over their job of adding beauty to the landscape.